Would 106 PTO HP Tractor Pull Tye 114-1230 Drill?

Ask Pete - Email Question today:Would a 106 PTO HP tractor be capable of pulling a Tye 114-1230 grain drill?

We pull 28’ of IH 620 disc drills with a 105PTO hp CIH 5240 FWA. It does fine, don’t have to use FWA that often. From what I found on google it looks to be around 15’. ? So you should be fine, but the class of your tractor can have a lot of effect, gearing, cooling, etc. Depends if it’s an older tillage tractor, 1206, 4040, 2090. Or a newer chore tractor like a 6410, 6430, Farmall 100A, T5 NH. Soil conditions will also have an effect.

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Great info…Thanks for sharing these insights!

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