IHC 1066 Sold on Ohio Auction Today Reminds Pete of Famous 5 Millionth IHC Tractor in Montana

Always fun to see pulling tractors sell at auction. This IHC 1066 sold today (May 11, 2021) on a consignment auction in northeast Ohio by our friends at KIKO Auctioneers (www.kikoauctions.com).

SOLD: $19,750.

This 1066 pulling tractor of course modeled after the famous 5 Millionth Tractor made by IHC, the 1974 model 1066 at the Montana Agricultural Museum in Fort Benton, MT. 5 years ago this month, back in May of 2016, I posted a fun Machinery Pete Youtube video of an up close look at this historic tractor. At the time this famous 1974 IHC 1066 had only 53 actual hours on it. Quite the amazing story on this tractor’s history (click the picture to play video):


Of course 1066’s been in the news quite a bit here recently. The very 1st 1066 ever made sold for an amazing record price of $86,100 on a September 22, 2020 online auction in Strawberry Point, IA. It had only 2993 original hours on it. Here’s link to that cool 1066 story: 1st IHC 1066 Made Sold for $86,100 on Iowa Collector Auction Tonight

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