Small farm equipment

With the ever changing in the farming industry we still need a company to continue building farm equipment that fits our smaller farmers. This is a concern I have .


You are 100% right not everyone out here needs a 12
00 bu grain cart or a 72 row planter

Bingo…this is why we continue to see very strong auction sale prices on nice condition older smaller used equipment. Listen to the crowd at the auction when it sells and you’ll hear…“Who makes them any more?”

Definitely an opportunity for some Mfg to scratch this itch. Sometimes have to run against the grain to find new opportunities.


Pete- I am a dyed in the wool John Deere man but my son has just purchased some small acreage and is looking at a small tractor made by Yanmar 3610 I know that John Deere uses small Yanmar diesel for the under 40 hp tractors do you have any knowledge of these small tractors …dependable? Parts issues?