Powerful Emotional Hold Tractors Can Have on Us From Childhood

Fun to come across folks and tractors featured years ago.

Today I received a Facebook message from Dale Van Westen…“Pete, my son Zach sent you that picture of the 4020 literature a few years back. I picked up that literature in November of 1970. Zach was fascinated with that picture all of his child hood.

Here’s the picture Dale mentioned that his son Zach had been fascinated with his whole life, the JD 4020 literature Dale picked up 50 years ago, back in 1970.

I was 11 years old then, picked it up at Taylor Implement in Ipswich, SD,” said Van Westen. “We lived near Monroe, SD at that time. My dad and I and two neighbors went up there to look at a tractor. We ended up buying it and still have it today. A John Deere 730 factory LP Gas. 1959 model.”

Powerful tractor memories.

Dale’s son Zach Van Westen carried his fascination with that JD 4020 picture forward, never let it go. In fact, he was moved to the point of recreating the image when he was older…very impressively so!

I posted a Youtube video about Zach’s JD 4020 image recreation 3 years ago, here’s link to the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d2kWu_zTass

Tractors memories…can and do last a lifetime.

Machinery Pete