Old Machinery Pete Column on JD 4020 Prices From 23 Years Ago

It’s fun to write about JD 4020 tractors.

Always has been.

This week a friend from Indiana, Don Cummings, texted me a picture that made me stop and smile…screenshot of a page of a farm magazine he tore out 23 years ago, a Machinery Pete column I wrote featuring the highest auction sale prices on JD 4020 tractors by model year 1964 - 1972.

July 1997 issue of Prairie Farmer magazine in Illinois. No gray hair for me 23 years ago. Interesting 4020 data then. And interesting 4020 data now looking back. Anyone else using 20/20 Hindsight wish they would have been there at that northwest Missouri auction in 1997 to raise their hand to bid when the 1971 JD 4020 with 1110 actual hours sold for $20,300?

Be worth WAY MORE $$ today. Here’s Youtube video I posted on August 4, 2018 of a 1972 JD 4020 with only 2007 actual hours selling for $37,500 on the Virgil and Judy Kuhlmann farm auction in beautiful Readlyn, IA: https://www.machinerypete.com/media_posts/1972-john-deere-4020-with-2007-actual-hours-sold-37-500-today-on-iowa-farm-auction

Thanks for reading my auction sale price columns all these years folks. Been a fun ride! Hope the sale price data provided has been fun and useful on your end.

Wonder if I’ll have any hair left, gray or otherwise, 23 years from now in 2043. I’ll be 77 years young. And I’m guessing low hour JD 4020’s will still be worth LOT 'O $$.

"Tractor Specs" on JD 4020’s: https://www.machinerypete.com/specs/john-deere/4020/7307
Link to (62) JD 4020’s for sale today: https://www.machinerypete.com/tractors/40-99-hp/john-deere/4020

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