New York Couple's Collection of 127 John Deere Tractors

May be the best tractor collection picture I’ve ever seen.

I know it’s the only one I’ve ever seen with a 48 year old snowmobile on top of the cab of a 48 year old 4WD tractor.

That would a 1972 JD 500 snowmobile on top of the 1972 JD 7020 4WD tractor.

Belongs to Tony and Marsha Trombly of West Chazy, NY (far northeast New York state). I met Tony and Marsha back in June at the 1st ever Classic Green Reunion event in Grand Island, Neb. What fun those 3 days were.

Ran into Tony and Marsha again last Friday at the K&C farm auction for Kenny Beam in Wilmington, OH that featured near complete lines of JD 20 and 30 Series tractors from the 1960’s - 1970’s. Marsha happened to see a blog I posted last week previewing the auction and in the blog caught a glimpse of a JD 7520 4WD tractor.

The last 20 Series model John Deere tractor they’d been looking to buy for 3 years.

So they made the 11 hour drive.

They got the 7520…paid $12,00 for it. Here’s video of it selling last Friday:

We filmed an interview with Tony and Marsha after their winning bid was secured. It was then Marsha reminded me that their John Deere tractor collection back home in northern New York now totaled 127.


The years of the tractors range from 1927 (John Deere D) to a 1972 John Deere 7020,” said Marsha. “On top of the 7020 is a 1972 John Deere 500 snowmobile. We have collected these tractors from 1988 through present. We have every model of the two cylinders and many variations
within the models. Now were are collecting the new generation John Deere’s up to the 7520, which we just purchased at the auction in Wilmington, OH. Our total for this collection is now 127 John Deere tractors. This collection includes the industrial models and the crawlers. We have the John Deere snowmobiles too, about 40 including most models.”

Here are a few more pics Marsha sent me of their John Deere tractor collection.

But my favorite is definitely the long JD tractor line pic ending with the 1972 JD 500 snowmobile atop the 1972 JD 7020 4WD.

Because…why not?


Machinery Pete