Used 4WD Tractor Values Up Slightly

I've been seeing slightly stronger auction pricing of late on good used 4WD Tractors.

The latest example was the John Deere 8760 pictured below, with 5,200 hours that sold for $46,000 on a consignment auction Wednesday (April 18, 2018) up in northeast North Dakota:

$46,000 is the 2nd highest auction sale price on a John Deere 8760 4WD the past 52 mo. Here's a look at the 10 highest auction sale prices on John Deere 8760's over the past 5 years:

Highest Auction Prices on John Deere 8760 Tractors Past 5 Years

* Data by

So that's a look at what the nicest condition 8760's been selling for...what about overall, including the not as nice condition ones? Here's the big picture look showing Avg. Auction Price data on 8760's over the past few years:

Avg. Auction Price on John Deere 8760 4WD Tractors

Time Period

Avg. Auction Price

Past 16 mo. $26,279
2016 $24,321
2015 $25,076
2014 $25,862

* Data by

Interesting to note how 8760 values have been holding very steady the past four years, evening inching up just slightly here of late.

I have seen other examples of good condition used 4WD Tractors selling strong at auction recently. Back on an April 4, 2018 farm auction in the same area of northeast North Dakota, the 2008 New Holland T9030 4WD pictured below, with 1,541 hours, sold for $125, record high auction sale price in the U.S. on a T9030:

If we talk more late model used 4WD Tractors, the 2016 John Deere 9520R 4WD pictured below with 252 hours sold for $270,000 on an April 12, 2018 farm auction in northwest Minnesota:

These strong recent auction sale prices also reflected in the just released this week Machinery Pete "Used Values Index" 1st Qtr. 2018 report. In this report I track the ups and downs of used values by equipment sector. Here's a look at 4WD Tractors:

Machinery Pete "Used Values Index" 4WD Tractors - 1st Qtr. '18

Note how the Index Rating for 4WD Tractors has crept higher each of the past (2) Qtr's, moving from a 6.4 rating 3rd Qtr. '17 up to a 6.6 rating currently.

If you're in the market to buy a used 4WD tractor, here's a link to view over 1,200 for sale today: