JD 8285R Sold 2nd Highest Price in 4 Years

The flow of super sharp, good condition, low hour, used tractors continues to the auction block here early in 2019 continues unabated. Frankly I've never seen so much excellent condition used equipment sold on farm auctions.

And I've been tracking auction sale price data nearly 30 years now.

Sale prices on this torrent of good condition, low hour, used farm equipment continues to hold very strong as we hit mid April 2019. Another example came a week ago today (April 9, 2019) on a farm auction up in northeast North Dakota by Resource Auction (http://www.resourceauction.com).

On the sale last Tuesday was the sharp 2013 John Deere 8285R tractor pictured below. IVT, ILS, had 1,395 hours on it. Sold for $176,000.


$176,000 is the 2nd highest auction sale price on a John Deere 8285R tractor the past 4 years.


Highest Auction Prices on John Deere 8285R Tractors Past 4 Years


* Data by http://www.MachineryPete.com


For perspective...the Avg. Auction Price so far this year on John Deere 8285R's = $117,588, nearly spot on to the Avg. Auction Price last year of $117,956. 2 years ago (2016) the Avg. Auction Price on 8285R's was $122,438. The current Avg. Dealer Advertised Price on John Deere 8285R's = $147,498, down from the Avg. Dealer Advertised Price on 8285R's 90 Days Ago: $150,629. If we really zero in and get specific, the current Avg. Dealer Advertised Price on 2013 model John Deere 8285R's = $153,488.

"Tractor Specs" on John Deere 8285R Tractors: https://www.machinerypete.com/specs/john-deere?make=John Deere&model=8285r


Here's link to view (144) John Deere 8285R's for sale today: https://www.machinerypete.com/tractors/175-hp/john-deere/8285r



Link to searchable list of Tractors for sale on Upcoming Auctionshttp://tinyurl.com/yaleo7xl