John Deere 4650 Tractor Values

"Hey Pete, how does that sale price compare?"

I get that question almost daily, have for decades now. When a piece of equipment sells at auction it seems half the folks there or following online think “That was cheap”, while the other half think…“Way too high.”

Opinions are free, we’ve all got 'em. But facts are facts.

Let’s zero in on John Deere 4650 Tractors. 4650’s on my mind as I just saw a really nice one sold on a recent auction in central Indiana. Below is a picture of it, a 1988 model JD 4650 with only 2,169 hours, Power Shift, all original paint. It sold for $47,500 on the March 15, 2019 auction in central Indiana:

So, how’s that price stack up? Strong price there…the 2nd highest auction sale price on a JD 4650 the past 51 mo. Here’s the proof, a list of the Highest Auction Prices on 4650’s going back to 2014:

Highest Auction Prices on JD 4650 Tractors Past 5+ Years

For perspective on JD 4650 tractor values, let’s next look at the current Avg. Auction Price and current Avg. Dealer Advertised Price data:

JD 4650 Tractors Values

  • Avg. Auction Price last year: $20,502
  • Avg. Auction Price 2 years ago: $20,525
  • Current Avg. Dealer Advertised Price: $29,451

So here again you can see how $47,500 on the recent central Indiana auction March 15 was a very strong sale price, based on multiple data points.


I have seen JD 4650 tractors sold much higher. Below is a look at the all time highest auction sale prices on JD 4650’s

Highest Ever Auction Prices on JD 4650 Tractors

Below is a picture of the record setting $60,000 JD 4650, sold on a March 29, 2013 farm auction in Laurel, MT. It had 3,424 hours hours on it. March of 2013 was about the absolute TOP of used farm equipment values. Commodity prices began their slide right about this time and used values softened.

Just 20 days before that record setting 4650 sold in Montana, I was filming at a March 9, 2013 farm estate auction in Alpha, MN where the 1988 model 4650 pictured below, with 3,043 hours, 1 owner, super sharp, sold for $59,500. The weight bracket and weights sold separate for another $1,890. The buyer was from Tennessee and still had to pay to ship from MN to TN.


Here’s Youtube video I posted of that 1988 JD 4650 selling for $59,500:

Here’s link to view “Tractor Specs” on JD 4650’s:

In case you may be looking for a nice JD 4650…here’s a link to view (26) of them for sale today:

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