Higher Hour Tractors in Good Condition RISING in Value

It’s not just crazy low hour used Tractors RISING in value.

Higher hour Tractors in good condition RISING as well.

Case in point…John Deere 8410’s. Hard to believe 20+ years old now, but true. I’ve documented nearly 200 JD 8410’s sold at auction over the past 2+ decades. Parsing this data, how about this for an interesting / telling stat…the 4 Highest auction sale prices on JD 8410’s with 6000+ hours have all come the past 3 mo., including one sold today, February 26, 2022, on the Netzley Farms auction in St. Louis, MI by our friends at Sykora Auction Service. On today’s sale the 2000 JD 8410 with 6460 hours pictured below sold for $105,000.


4 Highest auction prices ever on JD 8410’s with 6K+ hours…all since Nov. 29, 2021. Wow. Prior to these latest 4 high selling 8410’s with 6K+ hours the highest ever auction price on 8410 with 6K+ hours was $82,000…10 YEARS AGO on 11/29/12 farm auction in Holdredge, Neb.

And believe me, this is NOT an isolated incident. The auction sale price data we compile daily (FREE to view: www.MachineryPete.com/auction_results) has been showing this very trend of RISING prices on good condition used Tractors with higher hours for some time now. Since the calendar flipped to '22 the trend has only picked up speed.

Oh yeah, another tractor sold on today’s farm auction in St. Louis, MI was this 2000 JD 8310 with 7770 hours, 1 owner, sold for $92,000.

How high is $92K with 7770 hours? 2nd Highest ever auction price on JD 8310 with 6K+ hours. The only Higher price 8310 with 6K+ hours? 3 mo. ago on 11/24/21 farm auction Easton, MN where 2001 JD 8310 with 7462 hours sold for…$124,000.


Machinery Pete

That is a nice looking John Deere