Trying to ID my Oliver Super 55 or 550 w/White Construction Package?

Trying to ID “Old Elmer” a scraper loader tractor that has served me well for 25 years but now at the end of its useful life without much long deferred maintenance. I have never been able to find out the history or year make/model of this old tractor…just used and used it to near death. Do you know what I have? or how to go about finding out?
Thanks Michael S

there is a very good book that might have information on it it is by jeremy shafer i think


Your welcome. I’m always happy to help out a fellow collector

Can you send any pics of “Old Elmer”? Could help in the ID’ing it. Here is link to “Tractor Specs” on Oliver Super 55’s: Oliver Super 55 Tractor Specs | Machinery Pete

Here’s link to “Tractor Specs” on Oliver 550’s: Oliver 550 Tractor Specs | Machinery Pete

Send what pics you can…see if I can ping our audience for any info/leads on its history.

Machinery Pete

Not really a collector…just a poor boy who bought an obsolete tractor dead tractor from a friend because it was cheap then used it for 25 years til it possibly became collectable? My goal now is to get it into the hands of an actual collector and maybe generate a nest egg for another more suitable piece of equipment to load logs on my portable sawmill. Elmer was never really suited for this but did a good job along with a ton of road maintenance work for many years.

I did order a book as a result of your search suggestion though different in that it included a reference to “White” which is what it says on the loader package…though the tractor itself is "Oliver"green under a yellow spray over paint job.
“Larry Gray guide to Hart-Parr, Oliver and White Farm Tractors”

This is all I have atm but when the weather clears up I will investigate serial numbers and take more photos,

Thank You

Here is the model and serial number for Elmer…let me know if you can read it …seems pretty clear.

Model# 515-71215
Serial# 234 943 482
Michael Saunders
831 239 5307

Mr Pete…
Tried to send photos but over drove system by sending too big of files…
Here are “Elmer” pics one at a time…
Model# 515-71215
Serial#234 943 482

Elmer Pics Right Side

Elmer Pics Right Rear

Elmer Pics Left Rear

Elmer Pics Left Front