Oliver 2255 Tractor Sold for Record Price Yesterday on Illinois Collector Auction

One look at this baby and you KNEW it would sell HIGH.

It did…sell high.

Oliver 2255 sold for $56,700 yesterday (August 18, 2020) on the Higginbotham online collector auction by our friends at Aumann Vintage Power (www.aumannvintagepower.com).

$56,700 is a new record high auction price on an Oliver 2255. The previous high auction price was $46,200 just 17 mo. ago on the Mecum Gone Farmin’ collection in Davenport, IA.


Interesting to note than Aumann Auctions has 3 of the top 5 highest ever auction prices on Oliver 2255’s. Actually 5 of the highest 10 prices.

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