Looking for His Dad's 1952 Farmall Super M for 40 Years

40 years is a LONG time to look for something.

So you know it must be VERY important.

It is.

What is being looked for all these years? A 1952 Farmall Super M tractor. Check out the note I got this week from Bradd Kruse in Walnut, IL:

"My Grandpa bought a Farmall Super M brand new in 1952, it was sold years ago, my dad has been looking for it for 40 years. I have searched almost daily on the internet and auctions for the past 15 years or so. The serial number is 3378 and the engine serial number is 3537. I didnt know if there was anything you could do to help. Thanks"  - Bradd K.

Absolutely I want to try and help you find your grandfather's 1952 Farmall Super M. I asked Bradd for some additional history/background info on the tractor, I also asked if he had any old photos of it. He did. Here they are:


"Grandpa ordered the Super M in the Spring of 1952 from Gonigam Bass Hill in Walnut, IL" said Kruse. "He ordered an M to start with, but then found out a few days later that a new tractor was coming out. They let him change the order to a Super M. He had a Little Genius No. 8 2-bottom plow. When his tractor came in it was the first one the dealer received so they had a coffee and donut day to celebrate the new tractor. Grandpa didn't go because he was too busy installing the 3rd bottom to the plow."

"It was a regular Stage 1 Super M with battery under the tank, with the exception that he ordered it with an hour meter on the engine. In 1957 it was overhauled. I have the job order, on it the tractor serial number was "3378" and the engine serial number was "3537". 

"In the Spring of 1972 he traded it in on a used International 460. Big mistake. Then the tractor went to Harry Andersen who lived south of Normandy, IL. In the mid 1970's he (Harry Andersen) had a farm sale which auctioneer Bob Draper held. Nobody knows who purchased it on the sale. The son of the owner thought it went over by Tampico, Prophetstown, Rock Falls (IL) area, but he wasn't certain."

"That is all I have for information. Thank you for your help. Be a dream come true to find it."

Ok folks, let's try and make a happy reunion here. We need to find this 1952 Farmall Super M with serial number #3378. Any clues or leads, drop me a note at greg@machinerypete.com.



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