Nebraska Man Displays Case Tractor Collection

I love pics of and stories about tractor collection.

Yesterday on our Machinery Pete Facebook page I shared a pic from a Minnesota farm family with seven boys, all with John Deere tractors and equipment. Very proud of their green (and some yellow for construction equipment items) paint. The post went viral in a short time. I guess folks can relate to family tractor collections. Here's the pic.


But not all collections are green.

Dean Leonard Borcher from southeast Nebraska comes from a Case family and he's more than kept the tradition going. Recently Borcher had his collection of Case tractors out on display and dropped me a note plus some great pics:


"We had our 30 Series J.I. Case collection out for the town picnic and before we put 'em away we had a photo shoot," said Borcher. " This is a collection of one of my grandpa's tractors and two of my dad's tractors and the rest I've picked up."

"We are in southeast Nebraska. That is about a third (of the collection) that includes 5 1/2 garden tractors. Grandpa farmed with Case, dad farmed with Case and I farm with Case. First tractor I drove was dad's 1969 J.I. Case 1030 with duals. I was so excited pulling the Crustbuster disk I forgot the clutch pedal and dad had to help me out. As to a favorite model, it's hard to decide, but I'd lean toward my 970 I bought right out of college to hay with."

Here are a few more pics of Dean's Case tractor collection:



Thanks to Dean from southeast Nebraska for sharing his tractor memories and pictures. We have a fun contest going in our new "Pete's Machinery Talk" discussion forum. Click on the following link and tell us what your favorite tractor was when you were a kid, share your pics. The post with the most "Likes" wins a free Machinery Pete hat. Click here to register and share your tractor memories/pics:





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All of these pictures are beautiful! The top picture is my favorite.