John Deere vs. Case IH/IHC, Who is Best?

Green vs Red! Who is best?

My friend Ben Burns from Janesville MN likes both red & green!

I think it boils down nowadays to dealer support. Back in the 70s and 89s deere couldnt be beat. Bit after the last 55 and 60 series i think caseih caught up real fast and bettered deere in many respects. Id go with caseih over deere at the moment.

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This pic sent to me on Twitter, from Aaron B. “Quite the joke played by my brother-in-laws on my wedding day. My father-in-law’s green pulling my dad’s red.”



Solid. Stable. Still John Deere.


If it ain’t red leave it in the shed.


Grew up using John Deere. Still use John Deere. Nothing against IHC, but I’ll stick with Deere

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I gotta go with support here. That being said i’m not sold on my deere dealer.and the gigantic red dealer seems to be having troubles laying people off and support is going down. I’m leaning more toward yellow at this point and the dealer will work on my trucks as well. So at this point on the farm i’m using a NH wheeled machine and a challenger track machine for the heavy lifting and my loader tractor will most likly be yellow since the local kubota dealer closes their door at the end of this month so zero support nearby for that and with all the trouble i’ve had I need to dump it.

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Deere commitment to cheap poor quality throw away equipment is going to turn customers away and is already hurting there resale, Deere equipment is overpriced compared to CIH and Deere make there engineers build the equipment every year for the same price or less meaning quality will continue to go down and Deere is raising prices yet again another 5% November 1st just proving that in a horrible farm economy Deere doesn’t care about there customers. dealers or workers only there stock price, I personally would not buy any Deere equipment ever again.

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Personaly I like John Deere better.

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Sugar cane Case a8000 tecnico or john deere ch570 who’s best???

John Deere green means go red means stop

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go big or go home that’s what I learned. so that means go green and gold