Young Nebraska Farmer Buys His Late Grandpa's IHC 986 Tractor

Micah M. from Neb:Pete, just wanted to share with you, I love your podcast ( I have an IH 986 my grandfather bought new in '81. After my grandpa passed away in 2011 the tractor was parked in a dirt floor machine shed and the mice moved in. Fast forward to June of this year I bought it from the estate and have been slowly fixing it up as money allows! We use it almost everyday in some capacity and I just love it because my grandfather bought it new from Osceola, IA. Thanks for your time!

Very cool Micah! Keeping grandpa’s IHC 986 in the family. Love it. Here are a few pics Micah sent me of his grandpa’s 1981 IHC 986 as it was, as they hauled it home and action shots back in the field.



We haven’t repainted her yet, but I did full interior in it, waxed it, serviced and since have been baling hay and pulling gravity wagons with it regularly! Also have a turbo off an IH 1486 lined up for it and plan to do the Magnum door hinges eventually!




I think grandpa is smiling down Micah :slight_smile:

"Tractor Specs" on IHC 986’s:

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