Nebraska Family Hoping to Find Museum To Take Twin City Tractor

Wanted: Farm Museum to Take Twin City Tractor

Duane Eleson from Whitney, Neb. sent me this picture this weekend:


Hi Pete, our family has a Twin City tractor my dad modified with a Cadillac flat head engine, hydromatic transmission ahead of original 2 speed, has 2 stacked radiators , truck front axle, dual drive tires on rubber and truck steering wheel,” said Eleson.

Has been sitting for probably 50 years. We would like to find a museum to donate this tractor in the Nebraska area, giving credit to my dad. He worked for Marcus Cain in the '40’s, and got his inspiration from him. Thanks for any info on a museum that might consider this.”

Anyone with leads on possible ag museums that could be interested in this unique Twin City tractor, drop me a note at

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