McCormick knowledge (the ones from this century)

Does anyone know the history of the McCormick tractors through the change from Doncaster England to Italy.
The MTX120 on Tractor data only supposedly was made from 04 to 07. I have one we bought in 08 and I am pretty sure it is out of one of those years of mfg. It has a red frame, red rear end, and the glass doors don’t go all the way back to the back cab posts.

Many for sale are listed as newer year models even into the early mid teens. Any listed as 09 or newer have a slightly different hood slope and striping, black rear ends, glass cab doors that go all the way back to the rear cab posts.

Do the all actually have the exact same engine, which I am assuming is the Iveco/Cummins?

Rear ends?

Reliability of the 07 and before vs 09 and later?

I have not actually seen one advertised as an 08 model.

This change obviously affects more than just the MTX120, so any knowledge would be greatly appreciated.

Like I say, I have an 07, looking at a used 09, just wondering if I am going to be disappointed.