Super Rare IHC 7388 and 7788 Tractors on Manitoba Farm Auction in August

Do you love red tractors? Do you love RARE red tractors?

Then I'm going to tell you about perhaps the most interesting farm auction you'll ever see, the farm retirement auction for Alan McIntosh, August 16, 2017 in Ochre River, Manitoba. Alan, now in his 80's, was an International Harvester dealer in Saskatchewan. Folks, Alan has two tractors that fall into the Holy Grail of red tractors category, both up for sale on this auction August 16th.

* IHC 7388 4WD with 1,909 original hours, 1 of only 2 produced, SN# 501 making it the first one

* IHC 7788 4WD with 2,517 original hours, 1 of only 2 produced, SN#501 making it the first one


Yep, only two of each ever built. Both the 1st SN#. Look at those super low and ORIGINAL hours! About all you can say is wow!

Here is the note about owner Alan McIntosh on Fraser Auction Ltd. ( web site: "Driving into Alan's farm yard is like driving into a TIME CAPSULE. I have never seen a line up of equipment of this vintage in this kind of condition with these low hours. You must see this sale to believe it."

If we start wondering about what these uber rare IHC 4WD tractors may sell for on next month's head runs directly to the 1985 IHC 7488 with 4,492 hours, 1 of only 16 made, sold on a September 9, 2016 farm auction in southeast Pennsylvania...for a new record auction price of $105,000. Previous record auction price was $71,000.

Ok, now consider we've got (2) even more rare IHC 4WD tractors on this August 16th Manitoba farm retirement auction, both 1 of only 2 made, both super super low original hours, both owned by a well known long time IHC dealer.


I think I need to plan a trip to Ochre River, MB for August 16th!

But check out couple of the other items on this amazing auction, like a 1985 IHC 3588 with only 2,770 original hours. Here's a pic:



Or how about this 1979 IHC 886 with 3,931 original hours and an IHC 2350 loader. Here's pic:



Or what about this 1982 IHC 1480 combine with 2,526 original hours...sweet:



I think we will have to do a special Machinery Pete's Price Guessing Game on those 2 IHC 4WD tractors. How high will they go? Where will the buyer(s) be from? Can I get our Machinery Pete TV film crew to join me in Manitoba on August 16th? Stay tuned. And mark your calendar.

This could be real interesting.





that’s like finding two needles in the hay stack is how rare those two tractors are and to belong to the same guy and up for sale the same day dig deep they won’t be cheap

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There it is… one of the unicorns!!!


Unicorn spotting…LOVE IT!


177,500 for the big boy and 120,000 for the other.