Late Model McCormick Threshing Machine Sold for Big Money on Amish Auction in Wisconsin

This is a Good Story.

Passed along to me be one of my all time favorite auctioneers, Gregg Miller with Miller 'N Co. Auctions & Appraisals, LLC in Newton, WI ( Our story unfolded Friday, August 5, 2022, on combined estates auction in Amish country in Bonduel, WI. The star of our story was a very unique piece of farm equipment.

Late Model McCormick 28" Threshing Machine (1957).

Yes, that is correct. “Late Model” Threshing Machine. In my 32 1/2+ years tracking auction sale prices and reporting on the farm and construction equipment markets that is a sentence I’m quite sure I’ve never penned before…“Late Model Threshing Machine”.

I’ll let my auctioneer friend Gregg Miller pick up the story from here.

Good evening Greg. I realize records come and go on a daily basis in these crazy unique times, but we had one today (Friday) that I had to pass along. Sold a McCormick 28" threshing machine today in Amish sponsored equipment auction in Bonduel, WI. Proceeds to a local school they recently built along with a fund raised $$ for a community girl with Leukemia.”

Highlight today was a late model 1957 thresher that was purchased new at Hingiss IH implement in Chilton, WI. Farmer pulled it home, used it lovingly on a small farm and then sold right down the road to a local farmer who stored it away.”

Long story short…sold for $20,000 today to Iowa with a southern Wisconsin contender. Spirited bidding out of the gate at $5,000.”

Wow. How cool is that? Yes my auctioneer friend Gregg Miller is right, these are crazy unique times with record high auction sale prices pouring in from every angle on all types of good used equipment.

…but a “Late Model” 1957 McCormick 28" threshing machine selling for $20,000 on northeast Wisconsin auction in Amish country to a buyer from Iowa.


My friend Gregg Miller passed along one last thing that made me smile.

Funny, but even at this Amish well represented sale, Machinery Pete gets mentioned by them right after the gavel fell.


This Bonduel, WI auction Friday had some other very interesting good used equipment sell as well, including this White 120 tractor.

Click here to view full sale price report from this Bonduel, WI auction Friday:

Machinery Pete

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That is a nice looking White 120 tractor with MFWD.