Kansas Farmer Finds and Buys His Late Grandfather's Combine

Family ties and memories are powerful. Ditto for farm machinery.

Combine the two...and often we run into heart warming stories of folks searching, finding, then buying back farm equipment that once belonged to a family member. So is the case with a young Kansas farmer, Corey Lohrenz. Corey is originally from Moundridge, KS. His grandfather Jim Lohrenz passed away in February 2013.

Corey recently found and bought back his grandpa Jim's John Deere 55 combine.

"Pete - Thought I would share with you my recent purchase, I bought this 1966 John Deere 55," said Lohrenz. "My grandpa bought it brand new from Georing Implement in Moundridge, KS and farmed with it until 1980 then sold it to a neighbor. I tracked it down and bought it back."


"It has 2,6XX original hours on it. It has always been shedded and is 100% original right down to the paint and tires!"




I love hearing these stories. I don't know what it is about tractors, combines, plows and trucks, but having your dad's, grandpa's or great grandpa's I think helps us to keep them with us, keeps them alive and real to us, helps us remember the things we learned from them, helps us remember happier, simpler times. And also I think can help us to teach our kids and grandkids a little bit more in depth and color what Grandpa Jim was like.

One more pic for you...Corey Lohrenz with his wife Kelsey on their John Deere 55 combine that Corey's grandpa Jim bought new 51 years ago.








this 1966 model 55 combine rings my bell . may first combine was that 1966 model 55, i purchased from our neighbour , who has 1800 one owner hrs , with a hinson cab, wide rear axle , and oh my what a great power steering , it was 10 years old when i got it
two years later 1978 we had a late june hail storm run through
my land , so my crop was gone, in those days we grew Field peas,
i was set up for that crop, and went to work
i custom combined 1100 acres of peas, that fall with this square back 55 gas combine and 12 ft header , i sold my combine to Bolivia south america
Thanks for the great stories Pete,
Your Friend Bill Klassen auctions Winkler manitoba canada

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Great story/memories of your John Deere 55 Bill! Thanks for sharing. Keep me posted on your upcoming machinery sales in '18ā€¦Iā€™d love to come up sometime with our TV cameras to film you in action for our Machinery Pete TV show :slight_smile: