1992 CaseIH 1640 Combine Sold $32K on Ohio Auction Friday

Been seeing slightly weaker auction sale prices on late model Combines here the past two weeks or so. Not surprising this time of year, auction sale prices tend to soften pre-harvest, as odd as that may seem.

But older combines...IF they are very nice condition and have lower hours, buyer demand can be surprisingly strong, even during this trying summer of '18.

Case in point: the 1992 CaseIH 1640 combine with 1,845 engine hours, 1 owner, sold last Friday (August 10, 2018) on a farm auction in northwest Ohio, sale by the great team at Siefker Real Estate & Auctions (http://www.siefkerauctions.com). Here's a picture of this beautiful 26 year old combine:


It sold for $32,000. That's with no heads.

$32K is the highest auction sale price on a CaseIH 1640 combine in over 5 years. Had to go all the way back to a February 21, 2013 farm sale in St. Louis, MI by Sykora Auction Service (http://www.sykoraauctions.com) to find a 1640 sold higher, that one a 1988 model with 3,370 engine hours, sold for $32,500.

For perspective on how high $32K is, the Avg. Auction Price on the last (10) CaseIH 1640 combines sold, including the one for $32K Friday on the Ohio sale, is $13,626. I've seen them sold as low as $3,650.

Gotta be NICE to attract top bidding $$.

The day before, last Thursday (August 9, 2018) we filmed a nice farm retirement auction just across the border in northeast Indiana, a sale by Schrader Real Estate and Auction (http://www.schraderauction.com). The combine on this sale was another very nice, super sharp, older combine, a 1991 John Deere 9400 with 3,814 engine hours. It sold for $28,000. Here's a picture of it:


The past 12 mo. the Avg. Auction Price on John Deere 9400 combines was $18,614 coming into the sale last Thursday in Indiana.

The first 12 days of August we have compiled 124 auction sale prices on Combines. Here's a snapshot look at the 11 combines sold at auction the past 6 days:

Combines Sold at Auction Past 6 Days

* Data by http://www.MachineryPete.com

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