IHC 986 Tractor in Illinois with Under 30 Actual Hours!

Holy crap.

Excuse my language. Just that it’s not every day, month, year, or decade I run across a barn find tractor like this:

IHC 986 in Illinois with < 30 actual hours on it.

It came to light yesterday in a tweet by our friends at Brikey’s Farm Store, a Case IH dealer group in Illinois (www.birkeys.com). Their tweet mentioned a team member at their Casey, IL store had passed along the picture and info on the tractor.

I asked…"< 30 original hours…Wow! What’s the scoop on it? Owner buy and get sick and it just sat for 40 years?" Birkey’s replied on Twitter that was in fact the case: “The original owner bought this tractor & passed away shortly after. His family kept it in the shed mostly and displayed it in local parades. A customer of our Casey store heard about it & purchased it from the family & now has it in his collection. Original invoice is in the cab.

I know it seems impossible for stuff like this to happen, why would the family not sell it after the original owner died, but in my 30+ years covering the auction market day by day, it is surprising how often these situations occur. Not every day…but sometimes.

Amazing barn finds indeed. Time machines I tend to call 'em.

On the topic of IHC 986’s, here’s a look at the highest sellers I’ve ever seen at auction. You may recall the last 986 listed, 5th highest auction price ever ($18,810), just sold on a 5/31/20 auction in Lakeville, MN by Maring Auction Co., a tractor I blogged about recently.


1103 and 1027 hours in our list of highest ever auction sale prices on IHC 986 tractors…nothing close to 30 actual hours like the barn find in Illinois.

As I said…Holy crap.

Machinery Pete

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