IHC 806 Tractor Sold Today for 3rd Highest Auction Price Ever

We've been talking about it for a while now, how the "Original" factor has rapidly become key to buyers of older tractors, whether for collecting purposes or simply to farm with.

More proof today of this "Original" trend on Bigiron.com's weekly online auction where the 1967 Farmall 806 diesel pictured below, from Spencer, IA, with 6,767 original hours, original condition, sold for $18,250.


$18,250 is the 3rd highest auction sale price ever on a Farmall 806. Here's a look at the 5 all time highest auction prices on 806's:

5 Highest Auction Prices on Farmall / IHC 806 Tractors

* Data by http://www.MachineryPete.com


We maybe should toss an asterisk in here as the highest auction price 806 ($26,000), sold on a 1/23/17 auction in Grand Junction, IA, was actually a pulling tractor. Here's a picture of it:



Next in line, 2nd highest auction price ever on an 806 tractor, sold recently, on a 11/29/18 farm auction by Sullivan Auctioneers in Melbourne, IA. It was a sharp 1966 model 806 diesel, open station, with 5,050 hours and sold for $20,000. Here's a picture of it:



I was very happy to see No. 5 in our highest auction price list for 806's still hanging in there, a fantastically original 1966 model 806 diesel, 1 owner, with only 2,338 actual hours on it, sold for $16,750 on a 8/14/14 farm auction in Ostrander, MN we filmed for our Machinery Pete TV show http://www.MachineryPete.com/mptv). This was the auction for then 90 year old Carmen Start...yep, the same sale where Carman's 1975 IHC 1566 with only 450 actual hours sold for a record price of $45,000. Here's a picture of the 1966 model 806 selling for $16,750 that beautiful late summer day in 2014 in little Ostrander, MN:



Here's a Machinery Pete Youtube video of it selling, along with a 2nd beautiful, low hour, original 806 on that same auction: