1978 IHC 986 Tractor with 1027 Hours Sold on Ohio Auction Saturday

My goodness...a 1978 IHC 986 tractor with only 1,027 actual original hours. Don't see that every day, but that what was up for sale yesterday (May 19, 2017) on a small auction in Harrison, OH. Here's a picture of the tractor:


It sold for $19,750. That is the 3rd highest auction sale price I've ever seen on an IHC 986. Here's a look at the 5 highest auction sale prices:

5 Highest Auction Prices on IHC 986 Tractors


* Data by http://www.machinerypete.com

Machinery Pete Facebook follower Kyle K. went to the sale hoping to come home with the low hour 986: "I quit at $16K. There were 2 people after me. It was really clean and probably worth the almost $20K. I figured it might top your charts on recent sales. It had original rear tires and fluid in them but the valves didn't look to be rusted in bad."

Kyle provided some background on the seller: "He was 84 maybe, this was his second sale. 17 years ago he sold everything else really. He had a c70 with a loader still. He was using a post driver on the front at one point but otherwise it was used to bush hog."

Talking IHC 986 tractor values overall, here's a look at the Avg. Auction Price over the past 15 years:

* Avg. Auction Price this year: $9,721

* Avg. Auction Price last year: $8,411

* Avg. Auction Price 2 years ago: $6,772

* Avg. Auction Price 3 years ago: $9,212

* Avg. Auction Price 4 years ago: $7,972

* Avg. Auction Price 5 years ago: $8,096

* Avg. Auction Price 10 years ago: $10,375

* Avg. Auction Price 15 years ago: $9,399

 Here is a link to (18) IHC 986 Tractors currently for sale in our web site, click here to view list: https://www.machinerypete.com/tractors/100-174-hp/international-harvester/986






Pete, do you happen to have a video of the piece selling? I’d be curious to see the crowd and how active they were. Very cool to see an older machine with that low of hours sell for an awesome price…proof that auctions are the best method of marketing your assets!

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No, wish we had video of that 986 selling. It was a very small sale, just a couple of pieces of equipment. I had promoted the 986 with super low hours in the week leading up to sale day…suspected it may sell “HOT”, and it sure did. You are correct that the auction method can work to leverage buyer interest. There is a reason the ancient method of selling via auction is still around and vibrant yet today…it works!! It has been truly an honor and a pleasure all these years to travel the country and shoot video of so many great auction firms doing their thing, selling that next piece of equipment. So many unique styles. Been fun to observe.


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