IHC Tractor History- 5 Millionth Made Rolled Off Line 49 Years Ago This Week

49 years ago this week, Feb. 1974, the 5 Millionth tractor made by International Harvester rolled of the line, a 1974 model IHC 1066.


Quite the Legend has grown up around this famous tractor. 7 years ago in Spring of 2016 I posted a Machinery Pete Youtube video on this same 1974 IHC 1066, the 5 Millionth tractor made by IHC. It resides in the Montana Agricultural Museum in Fort Benton, MT. 7 years ago when I did the video this 1974 IHC 1066 had only 53.6 hours on it. Wow. Here’s that Youtube video complete with interview I did with Gary Larsen, the Montana man who transported it from the Hinsdale, IL plant to Montana where its been since:

While we’re on the topic of historic IHC 1066’s…here’s a pic of the record high auction sale price 1066, the very 1st one made, beautiful 1971 model with only 2993 actual hours, Hiniker cab, sold for $86,100 on the Jerry Everitt Pre-Estate Collector Auction in Strawberry Point, IA on September 22, 2020 by the good folks at Aumann Auctions, Inc.

3rd week of September '20. Our Machinery Pete auction sale price data pinpoints that as exactly the time with used equipment values began to skyrocket. Haven’t stopped since.

Guess IHC 1066 Tractors and History just go hand in hand.

Machinery Pete

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