1st IHC 1066 Made Sold for $86,100 on Iowa Collector Auction Tonight

Are you sitting down…

You might want to lie down actually. Still hurts when you knock your noggin falling out of your chair.

The very 1st IHC 1066 tractor made, a beautiful original 1971 model with only 2993 actual hours and Hiniker cab, just sold on Day 1 of the 3-Day Jerry Everitt Pre Estate Online Collector Auction in Strawberry Point, IA tonight by our good friends at Aumann Vintage Power for…are you ready?


Excuse my language, but…Holy crap.

The previous all time record high auction sale price on an IHC 1066 was $46,000, set just last month on an August 14, 2020 auction in Hartington, Neb. on a sweet original 1066 with only 794 actual hours.

Tonight I was exchanging messages via Facebook with Kurt Aumann as the 1066 was selling. “Sitting here with my mouth open,” said Aumann (www.aumannauctions.com). “Didn’t see that coming. Brand new guy (bidder) got in at $65K.

I’d swear we were in a smoking hot economy until I watch the news!

I think the 1066 is pretty iconic, kind of like the 4020 - only red. To an IH guy, it’s an important tractor in the history of the company. To have #1 is a pretty big honor! And it’s a super nice, clean, low hour tractor. You know how much that counts for!

Yes I do.

But $86,100…


Machinery Pete


That is a nice looking IHC 1066