50 Years Ago Today - 5 Millionth Farmall Tractor Made Rolled Off Line

50 Years Ago Yesterday - February 1, 1974…HISTORY.

Many of our Machinery Pete followers of course remembering the YouTube video from 7 years ago when I wondered out to Fort Benton, MT to the ag museum where this very same historic tractor sits today. Here’s the video I posted back then - it had only 53.6 Hours on it. Was really fun to interview the Montana man who left the state for the very 1st time to go get the historic 1066 and drive it back home to Montana:

And while we’re on the topic of VERY HISTORIC IHC 1066’s…here’s pic of the very 1st 1066 ever made, 1971 model that had only 2993 hours on it, sold on September 22, 2020 auction in Strawberry Point, IA for RECORD PRICE of $86,100.

Pretty cool “story” on this 1st 1066 made and the sale. Here’s the Machinery Pete blog I wrote when it sold: 1st IHC 1066 Made Sold for $86,100 on Iowa Collector Auction Tonight

Machinery Pete

Hello Pete, In the pictures of 5 millionth tractor the original old photos show the back wheels
having 12 holes in center hub and the newer photos show the back hubs having 6. where the
wheels changed at some point. My dad was an IH dealer in the 70s and had a poster of this
in his dealership in Bainbridge Ga I remember it well., Thanks