Great Plains Mfg. Helps Kansas Brewery Convert to Making Hand Sanitizer

I had a chance to hang out with the folks at Great Plains Mfg. earlier this year at a big farm show before the doors opened that day to let folks in. Spent time listening, talking about their latest new planting/seeding and tillage equipment solutions.

Good people doing great things…that = my perception of Great Plains Mfg. (

Now more proof.

A Facebook post yesterday by Blue Skye Brewery and Eats ( of Salina, KS relayed how Great Plains Mfg. has helped the brewery, which was idled by the COVID-19 emergency, open back up and pivot to produce much need hand sanitizer and disinfectant spray:

"Just in case you missed it earlier: Great Plains Manufacturing helped us put our idle brewery to good use! :beers:

Knowing that we haven’t been brewing due to the COViD-19 pandemic, Great Plains approached us to see if we would be willing to use our brewery equipment to help them “brew” hand sanitizer and disinfectant spray. As an Essential Industry, they have stayed open during this pandemic. This sanitizer will be used in their own facilities to keep their employees healthy and the workplace safe. The rest of the product produced today will also be donated by Great Plains to area hospitals, other local health organizations, first responders, and several not-for-profit organizations

We are incredibly appreciative of Great Plains Manufacturing for allowing us to help out with this generous cause & look forward to continuing to assist the community in anyway we can. Cheers!

As I said…good people doing great things.

Hats off to our friends at Great Plains Mfg. and to all individuals and businesses chipping in however they are able to help us move forward during these trying days. We salute You!

Machinery Pete