Tractor/Farming Tattoo - Know of Any?

A few years back we were having a little fun on our Machinery Pete Facebook page one weekday evening…“Gleaner Night” we called it.

I was posting fun pics and videos of Gleaner combines I had seen sold around the country over the years. Facebook followers were chiming in with pics/videos of their own Gleaner combines.

And then came a post from Marc S. from Nebraska…Marc posted a pic of his Gleaner tattoo.

I declared Marc S. from Nebraska THE WINNER of our “Gleaner Night” on Machinery Pete Facebook page.

I read a story in the morning paper today about tattoos and how every one has its own story. I suppose that would be true. Pretty much same as I’ve seen over the years with tractors. Got me to wondering…are there many folks out there with Tractor tattoos, farming tattoos, or ag related tattoos?

Share 'em (tattoo pics) if you got 'em…tell us the “story” on your tractor/farming/ag tattoo.

Machinery Pete