Kubota Announces Plans to Build Larger HP Tractors

Big news here folks.

Kubota announced today plans to build larger HP tractors by utilizing the development and production capabilities of Buhler Industries and release these new larger HP tractor models to the U.S. and Canada markets 2nd half of 2019. Here's a look at their press release announcing the info:

Here's link to the press release: https://www.kubotausa.com/media-center/2019/03/14/kubota-accelerates-its-large-tractor-business-in-north-america

Gotta say, I really like this move on Kubota's part. Continue to be aggressive in a difficult ag market when other manufacturers not moving as fast. The theory of opposites at work here folks, and if you've followed my Machinery Pete stuff for years you know I'm a HUGE fan of the theory of opposites. 

The time to gain market share is when others are not as aggressive.

Consider the moves Kubota has made recently:

* February 2015: Kubota debuts new larger HP M7 tractor model

* May 2016: Kubota buys Great Plains Manufacturing for $430M. Boom, they're in the Planter and Tillage biz

* September 2017: Kubota announces plans to build $90M logistics hub in Kansas with goal of delivering next day repair parts for agricultural equipment as soon as next day

Then factor in how Kubota has grown their hay and forage equipment line over the past few years in stages. As a company they have been very aggressive the past 5 years in expanding their product line, a 5-year time period, 2014 - 2019, when the "pull in the reigns" mind set was certainly very understandable for all in the ag space.

Again, that's why I like these Kubota moves so much.

Oh, and they also have a dealer network that is actually growing in size. Imagine that. Quite the opposite again from the competitors.

How will all these moves play out. Stay tuned.