Farmall 806 Family Memories for Ohio Man

I love going to auctions. Never know who you’ll meet and the stories you’ll hear.

Case in point: Friday (January 10, 2020) I was out in Wilmington, OH covering the K&C Farms auction for Kenny Beam, a sale we filmed for our Machinery Pete TV show (, sale by The Wendt Group ( Rained pretty much the whole sale. My theory of bad weather = Hot bidding was proved correct once again.

While waiting for the main line of equipment to start selling I huddled under a farm shed overhang to try and keep out of the pouring rain and I got to visiting with Pete and Jo Wical from Waynesville, OH. Great folks!

Of course the conversation turned to Tractors as it always does no matter where I ramble to. Pete’s favorite tractor is the one his late father George Wical bought on December 16, 1966, a Farmall 806. Here’s a picture taken in July of 1968 of Pete with dad George and their dog with the 806.

The Farmall 806 was purchased from Hall J. Hill Farm Service dealership in Jamestown, OH back 50+ years ago.

I asked Jo if she could get me a pic of Pete with the 806 today. She texted me the following pic this afternoon…Pete with his dog Harley and his brother Gary Wical next to the trusty family Farmall 806.

These “1 owner” family tractors mark the passage of time, don’t they? Our time. They tell our family’s stories. To many folks, these trusty tractors truly become part of our families.

It has always been, and will always be, an honor for me to hear your family tractor stories. Thank you so much for sharing them with me over these past 30 years :slight_smile:

Pete and Jo…Hope to see you again soon!

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