89 Year Old Ohio Farmer Celebrates Farming 75 Years with his 1948 Farmall C Tractor

This is one of the best Anniversary stories I’ve ever heard.

Frank Juhasz of Edon, OH is 89 years young. 75 years ago last week, on May 18, 1948, when he was 14 years old, Frank bought a new 1948 Farmall C tractor from Kaiser Implement Sales in Edon, OH. Here’s a picture of happy young Frank Juhasz on his '48 Farmall C.


Frank’s son John Juhasz picks up the story for us. “Dad bought it new as a high school freshman. It was the first tractor for the family. It replaced the horses. He’s owned it for 75 consecutive years.”

John said his father had the trusty old '48 Farmall C restored in honor of its 75th birthday. Here are a couple of the pics from the restoration.

Last week, on May 18, 2023, John sent me this note and picture…“Today is the day! May 18, 1948 is when the tractor came home. Today is 75 years since my dad bought it and he’s on it continuously every single day of those 75 years.”

What an awesome picture! Happy, 89 years young, waving Frank Juhasz of Edon, OH. On his trusty friend, the 1948 Farmall C he bought new 75 years ago when he was a 14 year old lad.

The '48 Farmall C Looks Like New. Raring To Go.

So does 89 Year Old Frank Juhasz :slight_smile:

Special Thanks to Eric Stafford and his crew for the beautiful restoration & repaint,” said Frank’s son John Juhasz.

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