Baling Hay in Western Wisconsin with 1970 JD 4020 with 5450 Hours and 2021 JD 338 Baler

Funny how one story shakes the tree and generates more stories…

Last week I posted a Machinery Pete Youtube preview video about a 2011 JD 338 baler with < 200 total bales through it selling on an online auction in Washington, IA. Sold last Wednesday, May 24, 2023. I reported on my weekly Machinery Pete segment on AgriTalk Radio show earlier this week that it went for new record high auction sale price of $20,000 (pic below). Former record high auction price was $17,000.


Then I got a fun email from Joshua Sazama from western Wisconsin.

I was excited with your “pick of the week” you discussed on AgriTalk yesterday, the John Deere 338 baler,” said Sazama. “I wish that baler would have been available two years ago. In February 2021 I bought a new 338 baler with a 42 ejector. I purchased a new baler because I couldn’t afford to have ‘down time’. The 336 baler I had was a little too slow for the work I needed to get done. I have a full-time job off the farm, so between my work schedule and the weather, time is incredibly valuable! I have a very strong market in Western WI for good quality small squares, so when the hay is prime, I need to move fast.

Attached are some pictures from yesterday baling alfalfa.

On the baler, I have a 1970 model JD 4020 with 5450 original hours (it’s a real sweetheart of a tractor!). The 3010 is a family heirloom. I grew up on that tractor on my parent’s dairy farm. My dad loved to hear that whistle of the M&W turbo on the 3010.

As is has often been the case over the decades of discussions I’ve had with folks, what begins focused on a question or comment about a particular piece of equipment often times leads our discussions down other cool and interesting paths. Such was the case with Joshua.

You’ve said it many times and I agree that the stories behind so many pieces of machinery are fascinating. I love to hear them. 3 years ago, I bought a wooden, horse drawn John Deere wagon inspired by your tour of the Tom Renner collection. Machinery history is just as interesting as the capabilities of the new technology.”

Here were a few pics Joshua sent me of his John Deere wooden wagon.

Joshua closed with a question about his John Deere wooden wagon. Perhaps one of our Machinery Pete readers out there may have some ideas?

Any recommendations on how to clean and preserve the wagon without destroying the current paint and decals? Does anyone make that color green and yellow paint? I’ve never preserved wood machinery and was so impressed with Tom’s collection that I’d like to learn more about the ‘do’s and dont’s.”

If you have suggestions for Joshua you can respond here, or shoot me an email ( which I’ll pass along to Joshua in western Wisconsin.

Oh, by the way, in case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the Machinery Pete Youtube video Joshua was referring to, from 2015, my amazing walk through tour of the Tom Renner collection of Belleville, IL of JD Tractors and all things vintage farm equipment and farm related items. Incredible!

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