John Deere 7830 Tractor from Oklahoma Sold for Record Auction Price Today

10 years ago yesterday…December 6, 2012, on a Pleasantville, IA auction a 2010 JD 7830 tractor with JD 746 loader and 620 hours sold for $146,000. At the time $146K was the record high auction price on JD 7830 and was topped just twice in 2013. It stood as the 3rd highest auction price ever on a JD 7830…

Until today - 10 years and 1 day later, December 7, 2022. My good friends at Armitage Equipment in Meeker, Okla. ( sold a sweet 2007 model 7830 with only 829 original “1 owner” hours and 746 loader. Perhaps you saw the Machinery Pete social media promo I posted about it yesterday afternoon.

2007 JD 7830 with 829 hours, loader, sold: $183,000
JD7830-OK-loader-$183K-ArmitageEquipment (2)
Pete’s Note:$183,000 is new record high auction price on 7830 - By $22,500


Great condition, lower hour, well cared for pre-DEF, pre Tier IV Tractors just continue to ROCKET HIGHER in value here as we come down the stretch in 2022. Tomorrow, Dec. 8, 2022, another sweet JD 7830 with low hours is selling on a farm auction in Arlington, WI on the online farm retirement auction for Robert and Debra Wendt, sale by my friends at Wausau Auctioneers/Wausau Sales. It is a 2008 model with 2781 hours. Here’s a picture of it:

Link to this Arlington, WI online farm retirement sale tomorrow: ONLINE ONLY - Robert & Debra Wendt

How High Will That Baby Go?

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