Amazing Michigan Farm Family

Little 2 mo. old Brynlee Delynn Domke of Alpena, MI doesn't know it yet, but chances are extremely high that farming will play a large part in her life to unfold. How can I tell?

From the pictures.

First off, here's an adorable photo of little Ms. Brynlee on an Allis Chalmers blanket, wearing an AC tee shirt with a toy Allis Chalmers tractor right nearby. Pic courtesy of Brynlee's dad Jason Domke.

Brynlee's folks, Jason and Janell Domke, got married back in Summer of 2016. Their wedding party picture went viral on Facebook. Why you ask? Here's why:


That's how you do a farming wedding pic folks. Now you may be wondering..."How did they get the idea to go big with all the hay bales for the wedding pic?" A good question. I think I know the answer. It's in the genes...Grandpa Chuck specifically. 

Chuck Timm you may recall from a Machinery Pete Youtube video I posted way back in November of 2013. Chuck did something totally unique. For 20 straight years he built one custom made hay rack per year built from old discarded power poles. Then in 2013, just for fun, Chuck lined up all 20 of his custom made hay racks...fully loaded I might add, and actually pulled them with his trusty IHC 1206 tractor.

Yep, Chuck pulled all 20 hay wagons with the 1206. Don't believe it? Here's visual proof, the Youtube video I posted back in November 2013:


So Brynlee, we're all excited to see what your future holds in store. Remember...your folks and your grandpa Chuck, when they go, the Go Big!


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