IHC Hydro 100 Tractor with IHC 85 12-Row Front Mount Cultivator

All these years the joy for me of going to an auction, going to a farm show (like this week in Louisville, KY), or going to a speaking gig has been simple…

The people I meet.

And the stories and pictures/videos they share with me.

Like last night in Baldwin, WI. I had finished a speaking gig and a young farmer with a 2 year old daughter came over to me with his cell phone out.

Ok Pete, I got one for you.”

It was Jacob Quist with Minglewood, Inc. farm in Deer Park, WI. What he showed me was a series of cool pics of their IHC Hydro 100 tractor with front mount IHC 85 12-row cultivator. Not something I see every day! Here are those pics.

Thank You for the great pics Jacob! Very cool set up. Looking forward to the folks I meet and the stories they share this week at National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, KY.

Machinery Pete