Story of Restoring Farmall B That's Been in Family for 80 Years

Yes, I love going to auctions for price discovery purposes…how high did that CaseIH Magnum 7130 sell? But truth be told, the most fun I’ve had covering machinery auctions for 3+ decades has been the folks I’ve met along the way.

And the chats we have at the sales.

August 1, 2020 we were filming the Jaycox Implement dealer auction in Worthington, MN for our Machinery Pete TV show (MachineryPete TV | Machinery Pete). One of the conversations I had the auction that day was with Keith Ailts of nearby Rushmore, MN. We got to chatting about the 1942 Farmall B tractor that has been in their family since New in 1942.

Every Tractor Has a Story.

Here is the Ailts 1942 Farmall B tractor story…from Keith Ailts.

“Good Afternoon Greg, I spoke with you at the Jaycox implement Inventory Reduction sale. This is The 1942 B Farmall that we restored.”

"This 1942 Farmall B was purchased new by my Great Grandpa John Clercx of Rock Rapids, IA. This B Farmall was his first tractor that he started farming with. John used this tractor as his main tractor around the farm, located by Lester, IA for many years. After John retired from farming John gave it to his son, Duaine to feed and take care of his cattle and pasture. Duaine used the B for many years until he needed a bigger tractor. After Duaine stopped using it, the tractor sat in a little shed behind the house for many years.

In 2017 Duaine called my family to come and look at the tractor. We found it in pretty rough shape and did not run. Duaine said “I would like to see it running again so If you guys can get it running again you can have it”. It took many hours of cleaning all the oil and rust. The motor motor needed to be completely torn down and overhauled from the block all the way up.

“Once we got the tractor back together and running again we took it to Jack’s Painting in Ellsworth, MN. Jack sandblasted it all down and repainted it and installed new decals. This tractor restoration project was a fun winter project. The B has been to a few tractor shows and gets driven around the farm. This tractor will stay in the Clercx and Ailts Family for many years to come.”

The Ailts Family
Keith Ailts - Great Grandson of John Clercx
Travis Ailts - Great Grandson of John Clercx
Gary & Melody Ailts - Granddaughter of John Clercx

80 Years of Family Farm History with this new shiny like new again 1942 Farmall B…Very Cool.

Machinery Pete

Did all Farmall B’s have a single front wheel

Not all ‘B’ farmall tractors had a single tire front ends, most had two. The single tire front end was better for cultivating.