1st Serial Number IHC 1486 Tractor Coming Up For Sale

The very first IHC 1486 tractor that rolled off the line is coming up for sale at auction in the St. Louis area on December 2, 2017, Serial No. #8601. Here's a picture of it:


The tractor is showing 2,200 hours. I will try to get more history/info on this tractor as we get closer to sale day. Our friends at Sullivan Auctioneers are having this sale (http://www.sullivanauctioneers.com).

How high do you think it will sell? I've watched the last 5 years or so as the 1st and last SN# factor has seemed to amp up in importance. Bidders tend to be more aggressive at the once in a lifetime chance to buy and own the 1st or last tractor model ever made. This has been particularly true on iconic models from the 1960's - 1980's.

So this 1976 IHC 1486...right in the bullseye. Bidding could be hot I suspect.

Here's a look at the 10 highest auction sale prices I've seen on IHC 1486 tractors, which were made from 1976 - 1981:

10 Highest Auction Prices on IHC 1486 Tractors




* Data by http://www.machinerypete.com



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I’m glad you brought up the significance of the last S/N. Usually, at the end of a production run, manufacturers have got things right.