Year of the Vintage 4WD Tractor Ends with Christmas Fire at Former Big Bud Tractor Plant in MT

If I had to label 2017...let's call it "The Year of the Vintage 4WD Tractor".

If you've been following my blog, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and TV show this year you'll likely recall a few of the new record high auction sale prices notched in 2017 on vintage 4WD Tractors. A quick refresher:

IHC 7588 (1st of only 2 made): $151,000 on 12/15/17 Moravia, IA auction


IHC 7788 & 7388 (both 1st of only 2 made): $140,631 & $95,075 on 8/15/17 Ochre River, MB auction


1964 John Deere 8020 (1 of 101 made): $160,000 on 6/3/17 Muscatine, IA auction


1973 John Deere 7520, 1,170 hours: $41,500 on 8/8/17 Hopkinton, IA auction


1972 John Deere 7020, 3,484 hours: $28,500 on 8/8/17 Hopkinton, IA auction

Unfortunately, 2017 draws to a close with some sad news on the vintage 4WD Tractor front as a huge Christmas Eve fire razed the former Big Bud 4WD Tractor plant in Havre, MT. Here's a picture of the blaze:

The former Big Bud Tractor plant is now known as Big Equipment Company (, a Versatile dealership owned by Ron Harmon. Harmon bought Big Bud in 1974 and ran until closing in 1984. Here is a link to a story on the fire from the Havre Daily News:



Those are some rare examples.

Maybe 2018 will be the year of the cultivating tractor?