Rare John Deere WA-17 and 8020 4WD Tractors on Illinois Collector Auction Tomorrow

Rare vintage 4WD Tractors have been going UP in value the past few years.

We are going to see more hard proof of this trend tomorrow (June 9, 2020) on Day 1 of the 4 day Darrell and Lorene Ebbersten collector online auction in Elkhart, IL by our friends at Polk Auction (www.polkauction.com). Check out these vintage John Deere 4WD Tractor gems on the sale tomorrow:

John Deere Wagner WA-17, complete restoration, 1 of 27 built

Online bid already up to $83,000 by 2:30 PM CT June 8

John Deere 8020, 1 of only 100 made, original, 7482 hours

Online bid already up to $97,000 by 2:30 PM CT June 8

John Deere WA-14, original, 1 of 31 built, starter problems

Online bid already up to $49,000 by 2:30 PM CT June 8

As I said…values have been going UP on vintage 4WD Tractors.

Nearly 5 years ago, October 31, 2015, I covered another collector auction by Polk Auction in the state of Illinois, the Verlan Heberer collector estate sale in Belleville, IL. Here’s Youtube video I filmed of Verlan’s John Deere WA-17 selling for $80,000…record high auction price on WA-17…until tomorrow: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MdFjqwqdaBg&t=15s

And John Deere 8020’s…Wow. Red Hot. Here’s Youtube video of the record setting 1961 model selling for $178,500 on a March 30, 2019 collector auction by Mecum Auction in Davenport, IA: https://www.machinerypete.com/media_posts/1961-john-deere-8020-4wd-tractor-sold-for-record-price-today-on-iowa-auction

I wish I could back in time to an August 30, 2003 auction in Wheaton, MN where a 1964 John Deere 8020 sold for $15,000. Could have held it for a few years and made some real $$$.


Will be interesting to see how HIGH the John Deere WA-17, 8020 and WA-14 wind up going for tomorrow…stay tuned.

The 4 day Darrell and Lorene Ebbersten online auction has much more than just these rare vintage 4WD tractors…something for everyone on this sale, including a Waterloo Boy and a SWEET restored IHC 1206. Check it out at www.polkauction.com


Here’s a fun Youtube video preview of the sale by my friend Sherry Schaefer with Heritage Iron magazine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNcqcVDsACg

Machinery Pete