Highest Auction Prices Past Year on 10 Year old 4WD Tractors

Let's call today 4WD Friday.

So here's a list of the Top 10 highest auction sale prices the past year on 4WD tractors at least 10 years old.

Top 10 Highest Auction Prices on 4WD Tractors Past Year - At Least 10 Years Old

* Data by http://www.MachineryPete.com


Here's a pic of the highest one of the bunch, a very sharp 2008 John Deere 9330 4WD with 2,600 hours sold for $147,000 on a November 17, 2018 farm auction in northwest Iowa:


Here's a pic of the 2nd highest price in our list...a 2008 CaseIH Steiger 435 with 1,500 hours sold for $133,000 on a 12/11/18 farm auction in central Illinois:



One more 4WD from our list to feature...the 2006 John Deere 9520 4WD with 3,271 hours sold for $122,000 on a 12/28/18 online auction from northwest Minnesota, pictured below. $122K was the 2nd highest auction sale price in the U.S. the past 3 years on a John Deere 9520:


If you are looking for a nice 10 plus year old 4WD Tractor, here's a link to view a list of nearly 400 such 4WD Tractors for sale today, click to view: https://tinyurl.com/ycrle4lu