Highest Auction Prices This Year on Tractors From 1970's, 1980's, 1990's, 2000's

2021 has been the Hottest Year I’ve ever seen in terms of auction sale prices on Tractors.

So as the calendar prepares to flip to the New Year, let’s stop and take a fun and interesting look at the Highest Auction Prices in 2021 on Tractors from the 1970’s, 1980’s, 1990’s and 2000’s.


Older 4WD Tractors in good condition or in anyway unique/rare have been increasingly HOT sellers the past few years, really ramping UP here throughout 2021. So not surprising to see the 1979 Big Bud 525/50 4WD tractor atop our list of highest auction sale prices this year on 1970’s model Tractors. Here’s a pic of this vintage monster 4WD sold on a 6/21/21 auction in Miller, SD.

1979 Big Bud 525/50, $60K spend on rebuild, sold: $120,000

Note the 3rd Highest auction price 1970’s model Tractor this year, the 1977 JD 2640 with 4041 hours, sold for $64,000 on a 4/28/21 online auction from Dyersville, IA. If you’re scratching your head wondering how a 1977 JD 2640 could EVER sell for $64,000…it’s because it’s THAT 2640, the very one used in the famous 1989 movie Field of Dreams in the scene where star Kevin Costner as Ray Kinsella plows up his corn field to make way for a baseball field the voice told him to build…“If You Build It, He Will Come.” I guess we also proved “If You Auction It, Buyers Will Come.”


As I mentioned earlier, vintage 4WD Tractors in good shape or in any way unique/rare are HOT sellers - getting HOTTER, as proved by the data here, showing a pair of 4WD’s from a Steffes Group July 7, 2021 farm auction in Lambert, MT selling for highest and 4th highest auction sale prices this year on 1980’s model Tractors. Here’s a pic of the leader of the pack…beautiful 1980 Big Bud 525/50.

1980 Big Bud 525/50, sold: $173,000

And here’s Machinery Pete Youtube video I filmed of the 2nd and 3rd highest selling 1980’s model Tractors this year, a pair of mid '80’s Steiger KP-525 Tiger IV’s selling for BIG $$ on a 9/30/21 farm auction in Adams, MN by our friends at Maring Auction Co:


Note how the 2 Highest auction prices of the year on 1990’s model Tractors both came just recently, as used values climbed appreciably down the home stretch of 2021 as year end tax buyers piled into an already smoking hot market. The 1998 JD 7810 with 914 hours sold for $170,000 on the 11/6/21 farm auction in Keymar, MD went a whopping $32,400 over the previous record high auction price on any 7810 ever sold. Here’s the episode of our Machinery Pete TV show where we featured this JD 7810 selling for $170,000.

Note the JD 7700, 8300 and 8200 Tractors sold for 2nd, 3rd and 4th highest auction price this year on 1980’s model Tractors…each shattered previous record high auction sale prices on those models. The JD 7700 sold for $150,000 went an astounding $83,000 over the prior record price from 10 1/2 years ago; The JD 8300 sold for $117,000 went $12,000 over the former record price from 10 years ago; The JD 8200 sold for $110,500 went $16,500 over the then record price set exactly 10 years ago.


In a year filled with new record high auction sale prices on Tractors as well as all types of farm equipment, definitely one of the most eye opening, amazing sale prices of the year was $270,000 on the 2007 JD 9620 4WD with 1255 hours on a 3/22/21 online farm auction in Sibley, IA by our friends at Sullivan Auctioneers. $270K was $75K over the prior record high auction price of $195,000 all the way back on a 1/2/09 farm auction in Nappanee, IN. Here’s a pic of the JD 9620 sold for $270,000 on the Sibley, IA online farm auction.

2021 been a crazy year. Hottest I’ve ever seen. Given the severe supply chain issues, RISING price of New, lack of availability of New and very tight level of used inventory on farm equipment dealer lots all over, it would appear used values will remain very strong as the calendar finally does its flip into 2022.

How will things play out? As always…Stay tuned.

Machinery Pete

Those are some nice looking Big Bud’s