What's My John Deere 530 LP Worth?

Email question today from Tony T. - “I have a John Deere 530 LP and I was wondering what its value might be? It’s mechanically sound, the tin is rough, needs rear tires.”

My reply: John Deere 530 LP, very cool Tony! I believe only 417 made by Deere. Here’s look at the last (4) I’ve seen sold at auction:

Auction Prices on John Deere 530 LP Tractors

Obviously quite a range of condition on these 530 LP’s. Visuals can help. Here’s pic of the 530 LP sold for $3,250 on Nixon Auctioneers collector auction in Lamar, MO on 9/30/17:

On the other end of the condition spectrum, here’s a pic of the 1960 John Deere 530 LP sold for $13,500 on Mecum Auction’s “Gone Farmin” collector sale in Muscatine, IA on 6/3/17:

I hope this info is helpful Tony!