Worth John Deere 730

My grandfather has this john deere 730 propane sitting in the garage for years
He starts it up every month.
He is ready to sell but don’t know the worth. He said the propane is like that from the factory doesn’t know the year thinks 59 or 60
Please help.
Pictures are attached

Hey Travis, beautiful 730 propane your grandpa has there! Great pics!

Last couple years I’ve seen JD 730 propanes sold at auction anywhere from $1,400 on low side up to $5,775 on the collector side. Here’s a pic of the ‘59 model sold for $5,775 on Mecum Gone Farmin’ collector auction 11/8/19 in Davenport, IA.

Mecum also sold this '59 JD 730 propane on 3/30/19 collector auction in Davenport, IA for $4,988.

Saw another JD 730 propane sold for $3,600 on central Indiana auction and another '59 model 730 propane for $4,500 on collector auction back in Iowa. Lowest price of $1,400 was on a collector auction in Colorado but in just “Fair” condition.

Hope this data helps a bit Travis!

Machinery Pete

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Thanks for the quick response
So you say it’s a JD 730.
What year do you think it is?
Also does it make a difference in those other ones that sold that have two wheels in front compared to the single.
Any information you can provided me by looking at the pictures I would really really appreciate it