Vintage 1970's 4th of July Rides - Sold Saturday at Auction

4th of July week…time to head to the cabin, the lake, the campground, your relatives.

But how to get there?

Might as well go in vintage 1970’s style, right? Of course! Along these lines, check out a pair of potential 4th of July vintage '70’s rides that sold Saturday (June 29, 2019) on auctions in Ohio and Iowa:

1976 Chysler Town & Country station wagon with 6,957 original “1 owner” miles: $13,250

The vintage '70’s green and faux wood panel sided wagon sold on an auction in Willoughby, OH by the great folks at Kiko Auctioneers: Crazy low miles on it. The sale listing said the wagon had only been driven back in 1976 and 1977, then sat shedded for 42 years until selling Saturday.

Little boy Machinery Pete’s family had this exact same '70’s green and wood panel sided family truckster station wagon. Oh the memories. Like the time my younger brother waited to vomit until we pulled in the home driveway after a 6 hour drive.

Puke on green vinyl…unforgettable.

And how HOT did those green vinyl back seats get? 1st sign of Global Warming in my book.

Anyone else out there ever get sick from riding in the fold down back seat of these '70’s station wagons that faced backwards? I’m raising my hand here. Suppose it was nice for the folks to get us little buggers out of sight way in the back seat facing the other way for those long rides to grandma’s house.

1971 Chevy Custom Camper Special, 132K miles, with '74 Born Free Camper: $2,300

This truck/camper rig sold Saturday on an auction in Creston, IA by our good friends at Younger Auction Co:

Even without knowing what model year this Chevy Custom Camper Special truck is you could nail your time period guess based solely on that unique harvest gold yellow color that just screams “THE '70’s”.

Life was definitely simpler back in the 1970’s when I was a kid growing up. 4 or 5 channels on the TV (if you were lucky). No internet. No GPS mapping on your dashboard or the cell phone in your pocket telling you which way to turn.

How did we ever get where we were going? We managed ok. Could always reach for the folded up rumpled road map in the glove compartment, or under the front passenger side seat.

Just be careful not to get a 3rd degree burn on your arm as you reach under the seat and brush against that burning hot vinyl interior.

Happy 4th everyone! Have fun, wherever and however you’re headed.

Machinery Pete

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The state highway from the farm to town…Remember early 60’s Buick whales mom drove and the 20 or so curves to the city limits…Frequently hanging out the window vomiting before we got there… late 80’s I’d bought a jet boat hull from a friend and needed a 454…Found a 73 Chevy wagon that the guy only had used to pull a camper…$500 and dropped it in the boat…Wanted to keep the perfect body but dad didn’t want junk around…Sold it to a friend sadly who used it for a derby car…

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Cool memory there Jeff…'73 Chevy engine from a family truckster station wagon for your jet boat, Nice!

Have a great 4th of July on the other side of the world my friend :slight_smile:

Machinery Pete