2007 Peterbilt 379 For Sale with Only 2444 Miles

I see interesting things every day. Amazing pieces of equipment.


Not every day, make that every year...check that, not every decade I run across a truck like this: a 2007 Peterbilt 379 semi with only 2,444 actual miles. Yes, that is correct, 2,444 miles on a 12 year old truck. Here's a picture of it.

This 2007 Peterbilt 379 with 2,444 miles is for sale in Caledonia, WI, on consignment at Amston Trailer Sales for a private seller. Asking $179,900. Here's a link to the for sale listing with all the Specs lots of pictures: https://www.amstontrailer.com/inventory/?/listings/trucks/for-sale/30244061/2007-peterbilt-379?dlr=1&pcid=2000659207

Now here's where it gets even more interesting.

According to one of my Machinery Pete social media followers, this 2007 Peterbilt 379 was the last truck ever bought by the late Don Fanetti. Do you remember that name? If you're an Allis Chalmers fanatic you probably do. Don Fanetti's online estate auction in Menomonie, WI back on August 22, 2016. Most amazing line of Allis Chalmers tractors I've ever seen, including the VERY LAST TRACTOR MADE BY ALLIS CHALMERS...a 1985 model 6070 that had only 29 actual hours on it. It sold for $46,000. Here's a pic:

How Don Fanetti came to own the very last Allis Chalmers tractor made was a legendary story. Fanetti was in the trucking biz and had been hauling for AC for many years. As the difficult 1980's played out Fanetti got in the ear of those in charge at Allis Chalmers and let it be known he wanted to own the last Allis Chalmers tractor off the line when the time came.

He got it.

Now back to the 8/22/16 online collector estate auction for Fanetti. His wife had right of first refusal on each of the items sold that day. She could match the online winning bid, pay the price and keep the items she wanted.

She paid to keep the last Allis Chalmers tractor made, the 1985 model 6070 with 29 hours...$46,000.

Ok, now check out another pic of the 2007 Peterbilt 379 semi with 2,444 miles for sale...note the Allis Chalmers tractor in the background. Yep, the last one made, the 1985 model 6070:

Here's the Machinery Pete Youtube video walk through I did on Don Fanetti's Allis Chalmers tractor collection a few days prior to the 8/22/16 online auction:


Back to the 2007 Peterbilt 379 semi with 2,444 actual miles for sale, seller asking $179,900. If you follow my blog/column/radio/TV stuff you know how I've pointed out all the recent examples of slightly older semis with low miles in very good condition selling extremely high at auction. But a 12 year old Peterbilt 379 with 2,444 miles...

New territory here. Truly a one of a kind truck.

Back on a February 11, 2015 dealer auction in Wahpeton, ND by The Steffes Group, a 2006 model Peterbilt 379 semi with only 50,916 miles sold for $137,500. But that was over four years ago, when used equipment values were sliding lower hard, plus it sold on a wholesale auction, always cheaper vs a farm retirement or estate auction.

Here again is the link to the 2007 Peterbilt 379 with 2,444 miles for sale in Caledonia, WI: https://www.amstontrailer.com/inventory/?/listings/trucks/for-sale/30244061/2007-peterbilt-379?dlr=1&pcid=2000659207

Whoever buys it maybe could get a close up look at that 1985 model Allis Chalmers 6070, the last AC tractor made.