Rare Garden Tractors Sold at Auction

I remember 29 years ago when I set out compiling auction sale price data, decision to make...Should I track sale prices on Garden Tractors?

Glad I decided the answer was YES.

Here lately I've run across a couple very interesting older garden tractors sold at auction. On a collector auction in west-central Ohio last Saturday (October 20, 2018) by Schrader Real Estate and Auction Co. (http://www.schraderauction.com) an Oliver 75 sold for $3,900. Here's a picture of it:


This same collector auction last Saturday in west-central Ohio also had an Oliver 125 garden tractor sell for $2,000. Here's a pic:


And then yesterday (October 23, 2018) on the Kent Peach estate online estate auction in east-central North Dakota, a sale by the Steffes Group (http://www.steffesgroup.com), came another unique find...a Cub Cadet 76. It sold for $600. Here's a pic:


Not sure if that 12-pack of Mountain Dew came with it?

Also sold on the east-central North Dakota online estate auction yesterday was a Cub 154 for $1,475. Here's a pic:


On the John Deere front, a couple very nice older models sold at auction the past year or so stick out. Below is a pic of the 1978 John Deere 400 with 831 hours and rear tiller that sold for $2,001 on a BigIron online auction (http://www.bigiron.com) back on May 23, 2018. It was from east-central Nebraska.



We filmed an amazing 5-day collector auction last June in Yarmouth, IA for our Machinery Pete TV show (http://www.MachineryPete.com/mptv), on this sale by Sullivan Auctioneers (http://www.sullivanauctioneers.com) a completely restored John Deere 110 garden tractor sold for $4,250. Here's what it looked like:

Any of these vintage garden tractors would be a sweet ride and definitely would get the neighbors talking when they saw you tooling around on a time machine, right?

Of course, lawn and garden tractors have come a LONG way since I started compiling auction sale prices on them 29 years ago. One of the highest selling items in this category so far this sold just a few weeks ago, on a large consignment auction in northeast Tennessee by the good folks at Pro Team Auction Company (http://www.proteamauction.com) when they sold the 2015 Jacobsen R-311T wide area mower pictured below for $20,000. It had ROPS, canopy, was 4x4, 11 1/2 foot cut, had 65 HP Kubota turbo engine.

I wonder what that baby will be worth in 40 years? Hope I'm around to find out!

If you by chance are in the market for a good used Garden Tractor, here's a link to over 8,700 of them for sale today: https://www.machinerypete.com/other/lawn-and-garden