Tractor Size to cut and bale hay

I have a kubota l3901, Rear RPM: 540 (1.375), 35hp. Is there equipment that will work with a small tractor to cut and bale hay. I have 51 acres, 35 of which we would cut and bale. Trying to maintain our ag exemption and cant find anyone to cut and bale.

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Not sure that is enough. I have a JD 5310 and use it with an old John Deere 336 square baler without a problem. The 5310 has 65 hp

I know they make smaller self powered balers that pull behind larger garden tractors. Maybe not ideal, but could be an option.

I have been using my JD 6310 to cut and bale hay. If square bales are your goal my thoughts would be a tractor with minimum HP of 70 2 or mfwd drive. Haven’t used round balers that HP may work as well