Small farms

Do you still see where a small
farmer can still stay active and make a living from farming?

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I believe so but it’s debtload that will determine if it works. Little to no debts is the key. Big or small, you have to run it with business sense and look at ROI on everything you do when margins for profitability are really tight


Yes and Yes—I have been working my hundred acres for over 40yrs, buying what is necessary and paying as you go. We maintain a rotation of crops to stay balanced. Maintenance and repairs are done in house. We are nearly always able to market our crops and fill in the gaps that folks need. It’s remarkable that you need almost every machine that a large farm needs and it has become more difficult to find parts for older smaller machines. It’s fun, rewarding and makes a difference in our part of the world. Thanks MC


Yes, it is possible. On my travels, wherever I go, I wind up talking with folks who successfully operate smaller scale farming operations, by choice. As mentioned in another reply here, debt load is very important. I also see growing opportunities for small farms (all size farms really) to take control of their marketing message about their operation using social media and new technology like drone video. Don’t sit back…be proactive, tell the “story” of your small farming operation, why its smaller by choice, how you get things done, why its so important to you and to the world. I can see in the future where small farm operations around the country may be able to organize around central themes, message directly to consumers about why & how you are operating successful smaller scale farms. This will resonate with the public. Perhaps an opportunity to crowd source some funding down the road?

Older farm machinery is built to last. Parts can be issue, but work with great firms like All States Ag Parts ( to help find those tough parts you need.

I think with all business sectors, trends come around over time, push far one way then loop back around in opposite direction. Yes, farms getting bigger and bigger, but opportunity for smaller scale farms done right.